Samsung Windows Phone 7 Update Reinstated

Problems became apartment last month when Microsoft [MSFT] pushed out the first Windows Phone 7 update to all devices. Mostly, things went very smooth but for those with a Samsung Omnia 7, there was a different story. Reports soon came in that the upgrade process was breaking several steps in and when users saw crashes on a specific step, it actually bricked the device.

In response to that, Microsoft pulled the update for Samsung users. We now hear that the problems have been resolved and that the updates are now working correctly.

The update will begin rolling out today and when available, users will be notified by a message on the screen. When that message arrives, you need to connect your phone to your PC or Mac and run the Zune software.

Just remember that this isn’t a major update by any means. What it actually does is prepares the phone to receive the next update due any week now. This second update is what will bring changes to the device in that you’ll soon be able to get copy and paste on the phone.

Good luck this time around although we suggest holding off a few days longer to make sure there are no complaints on forums etc… about it.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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