Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Gets Gingerbread Update Unofficially

For those running an Experia X10, you now have an option to install Gingerbread. Before you run and try grab the download, there’s just a few things to point out.

First, this update is not official, so run at your own risk and make sure you follow any instructions. It is best that you avoid if you don’t know what you are doing.

Second, as it’s not official, not everything works as it should. For example, there’s no sound in this build and the camera also doesn’t work.

The Gingerbread version for the X10 has been ported over from the ROM of the Xperia Arc.

The update has been taken off line from what we learn, but this is simply to allow the developer at XDA Developers the chance to get sound working. As soon as those bugs are ironed out, it will be back online.

The thread about it can be found over here which doesn’t contain instructions, but there’s plenty of help in other parts of the forum to get your smartphone to the point where you can install the update.

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