iPad 2 Smart Covers Announced

Along with the launch of the iPad 2, Apple also unveiled the Smart Cover. The cover is different to a case in that it doesn’t wrap around the whole device. Instead, it uses magnets to attach on to the front of the device to keep the screen free from being knocked.

The magnets used are self aligning which means when you attach it, it always sits in the right place. The cover also controls switching the device on and off if needed. When you open the case, the screen enables.

As well as protecting the screen, it also folds in 3 places and can roll back to act as a stand for the device to prop it up for typing, or stand it tall for watching movies.

The reason for the Smart Cover’s existence is that Apple felt cases hide the iPad inside. With this one, it covers the screen and quickly removes if needed. The back of the iPad is always visible making it more apt to be carried around.

Two versions will be made available in various colors. The first ones are the polyurethane and the second ones are leather. As for the price, the first are $39 while the second (Leather) jump to $69.

Details at Apple.

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