iPad 2 Pics Surface Again – More Mockups

We’re just hours from the official unveiling of the iPad 2, but have also just come across a number of pictures that are supposedly the next generation tablet although yet again, the Flickr stream which they come from hints that it’s a mockup, probably put together based on dimensions from the case.

What we see in the pictures is a slightly slimmer device with the edges a little more tapered than the previous model. The antenna bar is white instead of black. It has a couple of cameras for Facetime and capturing pictures. We also see that all the same buttons seem to be available in that there’s up/down volume, mute, power. The microSIM slot seems to have moved to the top side of the device (currently at the middle on iPad 1).

Although we are almost convinced that this is what we’ll see later on today, it is obvious that these are not the final model and just a device put together by someone using the case dimensions. What we do believe is that all the buttons, cameras and microSIM slot is in the right place.

We also wonder about the home button on the device. Apple tested gestures on the iPad in the iOS 4.3 beta update in that you could get back to the home screen with a 4 or 5 finger pinch. Some speculation was heard at that point about the device going completely button-less on the front.

This rumor and the other details will all be confirmed just after 6pm UK time today.

Via: MIC Gadget and DGtle

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