Amazing Picture of Discovery Docking with ISS

The picture here (larger below), shows Discovery about to dock with the ISS. The pciture was taken on February 26 and was surprisingly captured with a whole lot of good timing and a Canon EOS 40D connected up to a hand guided 8.5 inch Newton.

After a very cloudy day the skies cleared to allow a view of this stunning pass of the ISS and Discovery. I could not believe the timing was so fortuitous to show the shuttle closing in on the station. I captured this, what I guess could potentially be, a once in a lifetime image of these two spaceships traveling as separate craft using Canon EOS 40D using eyepiece projection through a hand guided 8.5 inch Newton.

Timing was certainly right considering it was a generally cloudy day until a gap appeared that caught this.

Image Via: SpaceWeather Via: Gizmodo

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