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IE9 from Microsoft Looks Set to Launch March 24

For Microsoft users, you wont have to wait too much longer now as it seems that IE9 will be available for download on March 24. This is a slight delay from the March 14th that we originally thought the release date will be.

The information comes from a tweet that msdnindia sent out via Twitter, where it also announced that the launch will be held at Tech.Ed India. [Read more…]

21 Android Apps Pulled from Market for Malware Problems

It seems like Google has taken notice of the bad apps that started showing up in the Android Market recently.

A total of 21 free (and popular) apps have been taken down due to them having alternate motives… ie, they had malware in them designed to take control of any Android smartphone installed on. [Read more…]

iPad Approved by FAA as Sole Charting Source

Over the last few months, a number of tests have been performed with the Apple iPad that have been successful enough that the FAA has now approved it to be used in-flight as a solo charting source.

The announcement was actually made on February 11 by press release from Jeppesen, who make the appropriate software that can replace the paper based method. “FAA authorization allows Executive Jet Management to use iPad and Jeppesen Mobile TC App as alternative to paper aeronautical charts” [Read more…]

Evernote Update for iPhone/iPod touch Arrives

Evernote has today, pushed out an update for the Evernote iOS app. The update is specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch and brings a whole new redesign to the app.

The team behind it used their know-how to create what looks to be a fantastic update. In their own words: “we went back to the drawing board and reconsidered every single aspect of Evernote for iPhone.”

[Read more…]

iPad 3 Is the One To Look Out For

Apple is getting ready to announce the iPad 2 tomorrow. The event kicks off at 6pm GMT and what we expect to see is a thinner and lighter iPad with a few enhancements.

Cult Of Mac has been tipped off with some interesting information which indicates that the iPad 2 will be just a small update to the original iPad in that it will have a bit more RAM, run faster, be slimmer and lighter, but it will keep the same or very similar display. [Read more…]

RIM To Bring NFC To Almost All New Tablets and BlackBerrys

Stephen Bates, the MD of RIM in the UK, has said “We’re going to deploy NFC in virtually all of our devices,”. This was clarified as being virtually all BlackBerry devices as well as tablets that are launched from now onwards.

When speaking about NFC the following was also said… “creates new businesses, new markets and new revenue streams”. [Read more…]

8.9 Inch Galaxy Tab Could Be Announced This Month

Samsung has emailed out details of an event being held on March 22. It is believed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be released here. Looking at the image below there’s a 78910 number which we believe indicates the 7 inch original, 8.9 inch new and the 10.1 inch new one that was announced a few weeks back.

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WiFi Only Motorola Xoom to Cost £449.99 in UK

PC World in the UK will be selling the WiFi only model of the Motorola Xoom. It will be priced fairly reasonably at £449.99 which makes it cheaper than the WiFi only iPad that currently sells for £50 more. Of course, we have the iPad 2 announcement and along with that we could see prices drop slightly.

Unlike the iPad that comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, the Xoom comes with just one memory capacity of 32GB although this can be expanded. [Read more…]

GMail Services To Be Restored Soon

Yesterday saw Google run in to problems with its Gmail service. It was thought that around 40,000 users were effected in that all emails, contacts etc… were lost. When a select group of users logged in yesterday, they were greeted with nothing at all which wasn’t good.

However, Google [GOOG] has now confirmed that no data has been lost and that they have managed to restore a good number of accounts back to where they were.

I know what some of you are thinking: how could this happen if we have multiple copies of your data, in multiple data centers? Well, in some rare instances software bugs can affect several copies of the data. That’s what happened here. Some copies of mail were deleted, and we’ve been hard at work over the last 30 hours getting it back for the people affected by this issue.

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