Thunderbolt Ready Products Now Available

Yesterday, the Thunderbolt connector was made official. The first device to get a Thunderbolt port is the 2011 MacBook Pro range. At that time, there were no official products that actually worked with the new connector other than being able to hook up to DVI due to compatibility.

We now see that a couple of new Thunderbolt ready devices have launched. One is from LaCie while the other is from Promise.

The first is from LaCie who has created Little Big Disk mobility with a new SSD drive that is capable of transferring data over the Thunderbolt connector at very fast speeds. Inside Little Big Disk, you’ll find a couple 250GB Intel 510 Series SSDs. The two drives are pre-configured as a Stripped RAID set allowing for faster speeds. The new Thunderbolt drive is pictured below.

Next up is the device from Promise (pictured below). This device comes with either 4 or 6 drive bays that allow for a hardware RAID solution that connects up to the MacBook Pro, and other Thunderbolt compatible laptops/computers in the future, to transfer data at high speed.

As for pricing and release dates, none of this has been provided just yet.

Via: 9to5Mac

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