HTC Thunderbolt Could be Delayed According to BestBuy Tweet

The Roseville BestBuy store has tweeted that the HTC Thunderbolt has been delayed and that it will now launch on March 4th.

The original Tweet has now been deleted although plenty of blogs managed to grab a screenshot before the tweet was taken down.

Before receiving this particular tweet, the release date was rumored to be either February 24 or the 28th. Best Buy commented that it was coming on Thursday 4th March although the 4th is actually a Friday. This could be another reason why BestBuy129 took the tweet down… to cover for a mess up with dates.

This could all be a mix up with an overzealous marketer in store, so when we find out more we’ll provide the necessary details. For now though, it might be delayed and that’s all we really know.

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