Android Devices Can be Used as Second Monitor with iDisplay

iDisplay has been launched for Android OS based devices. What it does is allow you to use your Android smartphone or tablet as a secondary display for your computer. Once installed and connected, you can then drag windows on to the smaller screen such as a Skype conversation or perhaps a media player you want to be able to see but not clutter up your main screen.

To get it to work, you need to first download the app on your Android device and once installed, you then need to install some software on your Mac or Windows computer so that your Android smartphone/tablet can hook up and get the data it needs.

The app costs $4.99 and is available in the Android Market. We haven’t tested it yet, so cannot comment on the quality of the app. We have tested the similar iOS apps though and they do work as described although the refresh rate is a lot slower, measured in single digit frames per second from what we could see, so anything fast moving should be kept to the larger screen.

Via: IntoMobile

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