Android Market Books Section Goes Live

Earlier this week, some URLs were uncovered on the Android Market that hinted we would be seeing a specific music, movies and books section. When visiting the Android Market URL and putting one of those three words on the end, the store actually loaded up whilst with other words and typos, nothing but a 404 was available.

What we see now is that the Books URL has officially gone live in that when you visit here, you are able to download books like the one from Glenn Beck pictured below for $9.

Google hasn’t official unveiled the Books section at the time of writing this, but expect some details to arrive soon.

We expect to see both Movies and Music be formally announced in the coming weeks where you’ll get to purchase the said content for delivery to your Android device. It isn’t known exactly when that will be, but some expected something more at the Honeycomb event.

More to follow soon…

Via: Engadget

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