Smart Car gets Smartest Apple iPhone App

We don’t normally cover information about cars here at gadgetvenue, but for this new Apple iPhone app we thought it was worth a mention due to it being an in-car app for the iPhone.

The application is called Smartest and it’s a dock and application that integrates with your Smartcar. The application has been designed to be used in a car and thus, the icons are larger as well as the text larger and less clutter is to be found on the screen to avoid distracting the driver.

Functions include the ability to play your music over the cars internal radio. The application integrates with the music found on your iPhone and lets you browse through it to play it back in the car. It makes for a good music player. Another interesting application built in is internet radio that lets you stream music from radio stations around the globe to your iPhone and in turn, this is output to the speakers on the car.

Hands free is also built in on the Smartest App along with navigation that allows you to search for points of interest and navigate around your area. The navigation app from what we understand will cost an extra $50 to use based on a subscription setup.

Overall it looks like quite a handy application to have and well worth looking at if you fancy connecting your iPhone up to your smartcar.

Check out the video below to see the application in use in a Smart Car.

Via: AutoSpies

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