Panasonic say No to Google TV

We have heard a few things over the last few weeks about the Google TV whereby Google [GOOG] are working with different manufacturers to get their Android operating system built in to HDTV’s. A deal with Sony has already been sorted along with Intel who will provide the necessary chips.

Panasonic on the other hand though are not going to be putting Google Android in to their TVs. The reason for this is that although the Android OS will be free to use, the extra processing power needed will bump up the production costs which Panasonic do not want to do right now.

Instead of using Google Android, Panasonic instead will use their own proprietary system that is capable of bringing Netflix and YouTube to their television sets.

The downside with the proprietary software is that the browser is lacking and works based widgets rather than being a fully fledged browser that Google could have provided.

One thing to hold on to if you do want a Panasonic HDTV with Google Android is the Google Set top box that is being worked on. This box sits in-between your normal TV box and your TV processing signals from the cable box and allowing Android to be run on a TV.

It isn’t clear yet when we will see a Google TV, but I suspect late this year or at least by Q2 next year.

Via: SlashGear

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