Apple iPad International Launch April 24 – Rumor

Apple [AAPL] are launching their iPad on Saturday 3rd April in the US… Wi-Fi only version. We are not sure why they chose Saturday for it as launch days are normally Friday, but however… it is indeed Saturday and that has been a known date for a while now. The only information we have heard concerning a launch date in the UK and other countries internationally is that it’s going to be late April.

We are now hearing reports that April 24th (again a Saturday – and the last Saturday in April I might add), has been tagged by the Apple Store in Canada as a “black-out date” which essentially means a date where no employees can take time off.

Considering it’s late April and it falling on the last Saturday in April, we are inclined to believe that the iPad could arrive in the UK, Canada and all other countries who were scheduled to get it late April on April 24. This we assume would also include the launch of the Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G models too.

With that in mind (although still not set in stone till announced), all we need now is international pricing to see if we all get ripped off or not. That is said to be revealed closer to the date although unconfirmed reports have tagged the iPad as being £389 in the UK which if that is the case it’s not a bad price at all.

Via: Gaj-It and iPad in Canada


  1. Thanks for the different angled pictures! But I still think I’ll wait until the next version for prices to drop. ?

  2. Florian (UK) says

    I went into the Apple Store here in Scotland today and asked a member of staff about this release date. He informed me, with a large grin and in a very friendly manner, that although he was not permitted to disclose the date at this time, he can guarantee that the 24th is definitely not the correct date for the iPad release. He then, however, went on to say that the 24th is remarkably close to the actual release date. The iPad will definitely be released in the UK before the end of the month and if Apple store staff have been told not take Saturday the 24th off work it only makes sense to say that this must at least be the first WEEKEND following the iPads release. Therefore, I figure it will probably be released the Thursday or Friday prior (the 22/23rd).

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