Android for your Car Coming Soon

Chinese manufacturer Roewe are producing an Android OS based system for cars. it is expected that the new Android Car product will launch as early as this month sometime in April.

The system will run Google [GOOG] Android 2.1 which is also a nice surprise as that version of the OS is currently the latest available to the market. Phones such as the Google Nexus One, Motorola DROID and a couple of others run this OS.

By using Android in a vehicle it allows a number of features to be used on the car such as GPS guidance, navigation as well as web browsing and calls with services such as Skype. The device will have a screen on the centre console allowing for access to the services provided.

The Android car product also connects to the internet (as the browser and chat software kind of indicates) allowing updates to traffic conditions and weather reports to be fed direct to the dash board. However, right now it isn’t known how Roewe are connecting the service to the internet, ie, could it be over a 3G network, WiMAX or some other wireless technology. I am sure we’ll find out closer to the launch date.

Via: RedFerret and The Next Web

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