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Asus Eee 1201N and 1201HA Spotted

eee-pc-1201nAsus are working on a couple of new 12 inch Eee netbooks named the Asus Eee 1201N and the Asus Eee 1201HA. Both feature a 12.1 inch screen running at a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

The main difference between the two new models is the processor with the Asus 1201N being the quicker of them running at 1.6GHz compared to the 1201HA running at 1.33GHz. Also the 1201HA also has less RAM, a slightly smaller harddrive and no HMDI port either. Each have a 6 cell battery capable of giving about 8 hours of light usage which isn’t too bad considering the screen size. Both of the Asus netbooks will run the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system which indicates that October 22 is the absolute earliest these netbooks will be made available. [Read more…]

FleXpeaker – Thin Flexible Audio Speaker

flexspeaker-thin-speakerFleXpeaker is a flexible speaker that can be bent to a certain point without distorting the audio being produced by it.

It was created by a company called ITRI that are based in Taiwan and from the technical specs it shows that the speaker has a frequency range of 500Hz to 20KHz giving it a fair bit of the hearing range.

The speaker it’s self is very thin and can be mounted on a wall for example. ITRI are also looking in to the possibility of linking a number of these together to create a larger wall of sound so to speak. [Read more…]

Photoshop iPhone Application Launched

photoshop-mobile-iphone-appAdobe has created a new mobile version of Photoshop that’s now available as an app for the iPhone. The Photoshop application gives iPhone users the ability to crop, rotate and perform other various effects on photos captured by the iPhone camera.

By using Photoshop on the iPhone you get access to some powerful software. On a PC or Mac, the Photoshop system is widely used by many designers due to the quality that it produces. Having this on the mobile is fantastic as you’ll get a number of powerful editing tools to work with while on the move. [Read more…]

HTC Hero now on Sprint for $179.99

sprint_htc_hero_on_sale_in_usSprint in the US have now launched the HTC Hero on to their network. The phone costs $179.99 (with a $100 rebate) and requires that you enter in to a two year contract to get it at that price.

You do have the option of buying it SIM only which bumps the price up to $479.99 which is quite steep, but an option should you not want to be tied down to a contract. [Read more…]

HTC Touch Diamond2 Review

HTC-Touch-Diamond2-homeThe HTC Touch Diamond2 is a Windows based phone that runs the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system (can be upgraded to the new Windows Phone – WM 6.5 OS). It was launched earlier this year although we still thought we would take a look considering it can run the latest Windows Phone operating system.

The new Diamond2 is a little larger than the original HTC Touch Diamond smartphone although we are only talking a few mm on each of the dimensions that make it 108 x 53 x 13.7mm in size. The phone it’s self looks sleek with the smooth front face surrounded by a by a thin bezel around the edges. On the front of the device you’ll find 4 buttons below the screen allowing you to send/end calls along with a dedicated Windows key and a back key. Just above those keys there is a touch sensitive scroll strip to be found. A forward facing camera can also be found allowing you to make video calls where the network permits. [Read more…]

MotoBlur Ported to a HTC G1 Android Phone

Motorola-MotoBlurCheck out this cool little hack that see’s Motorola’s MotoBlur ported over to a HTC G1 android phone. The hacker managed to achieve this by using a leaked copy of the Motorola Cliq ROM which was then converted, some how, and ported on to the G1.

As of yet, there are no instructions on how this was done, but hopefully in the next few weeks somewhere like XDA forums will have a user who provides the details.

Some cool applications that you don’t see on the regular G1 include Happening which is a service that mixes together updates from your Facebook profile along with Twitter and MySpace and presents them all on a single thread. Also Happening has a widget that displays similar information on the home screen of the G1. [Read more…]

TomTom iPhone Car Kit back in UK Apple Store

tomtom-car-kit-for-iphone-3gsJust a few weeks back we reported that the TomTom iPhone car kit was ready for pre-order at what seemed to be a good price of £100 including the TomTom software. Shortly after various websites mentioned it Apple pulled the product off line stating that the £100 was just for the car kit and the software had to be purchased separately.

Today we hear that Apple have re added the iPhone car kit to the UK site, but this time they have priced it up correctly at £100 for the car kit alone. A disclaimer has also been added to the store which says… “The TomTom app for iPhone is not included with this TomTom Car Kit. The Car Kit dock is compatible with all iPhone models, but the TomTom app only works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.” [Read more…]

Car Cam Voyager Records as you Drive

Car_Cam_VoyagerCar Cam Voyager is a system that sits under the visor of your car and records whats happening while your on the road. If you are unfortunate enough to have a bump or scrape you’ll now have evidence to present to the insurers to prove you weren’t at fault.

The device is powered by the lighter socket on your car and includes a screen with a 720 x 480 resolution so you can see what is being recorded. Up to 48 hours of driving footage is stored on the 32GB SD card. Footage is stored in 15 minute increments to help you quickly reach the section of video you are wanting to find. [Read more…]

TXTBlocker Stops Texting While Driving

TXTBlockerTXTBlocker is a system that prevents a mobile phone from sending a text while the phone is detected as moving. It is designed for parents and employers to ensure the safety of others while they are driving. The service is subscription based and allows the subscriber to set certain situations where text messaging and phone calls cannot be made.

The system works by using cell and GPS data to locate the location and travel speed of a phone. If the phone is determined to be in a car then service is limited.

Although it might prevent accidents from happening I can see it being a bit of a pain to deal with as you might be travelling by train or bus and suddenly be unable to use your phone. The system does allow for passenger functions which allow the phone to be used if a passenger is using it, but this is only permitted through the admin control panel. [Read more…]

New ASUS UL Range Laptops Announced

asus_ul50ASUS have announced three new laptops in their UnLimited (UL) range that each boast an impressive 12 hour battery life. The new laptops named the UL30, UL50AG and UL50VG are each launching later this month and are each encased in a brushed aluminium cover creating a stylish look.

The laptops each use the latest Intel CULV processor technology mixed with power settings and energy saving features that achieve 12 hours of battery life.

Price wise the ASUS UL30 13.3″ laptop will cost £599 when launched in the UK. Next up the ASUS UL50AG 15.6″ will cost £699 when launched followed finally by the ASUS UL50VG that will cost £799 that also has a 15.6″ screen. Each will be launched 22nd October. [Read more…]

Samsung Moment Android Phone Headed to Sprint

Samsung-MomentThe Samsung Moment is an Android based mobile phone that features a full QWERTY slideout keyboard along with a 3.2 inch AMOLED touch-screen. The Moment will be made available on 1st November costing $179.99 along with a 2 year contract (and a mail in rebate of $100).

For connectivity the Samsung Moment works on Sprints EV-DO Rev A network and also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in. GPS is also another feature allowing the phone to utilise location based services as well as use Android based satnav systems such as AndNav. [Read more…]

Kingston Digital MobileLiteG2 Multi Card Reader

Kingston_MobileLiteG2_01The MobileLiteG2 is a compact multi card reader that accepts a number of memory cards including SD, SDHC, microSD, microSDHC, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo and regular Memory Stick Micro Cards.

The reader is designed to let you connect up any sort of memory card from any device such as a camera or mobile phone and then read it’s contents quickly and easily on your computer.

Measuring 62.15 x 29.40 x 16.4 mm the device is quite small and portable. It weighs just less than 19 grams. Connectivity on the device is USB 2.0 and it is also backwards compatible with 1.1 and it can be plugged in to Windows 2000, XP, 7 as well as Linux v.2.6.x+ and Mac OS X 10.3 or newer versions. [Read more…]