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Ideum Ultra-Wide Multitouch Table

ideum_ultra-wide_touchscreen_tableIdeum have created a multi-touch table that is designed to be ultra-wide and one of the largest tables of it’s sort created.

The new system has a 100 inch surface that provides an 86 inch visible and workable area and it is capable of detecting up to 50 touch points at the same time.

Having a resolution of 2304 x 800 along with a 16:5 aspect ratio it provides a decent quality image that several people can work to manipulate at the same time. The multitouch table is installed at the Space Chase Gallery in Nashville and has been programmed to represent different waves in the EM spectrum and give a display related to the location installed. [Read more…]

Nintendo DSi LL vs Nindendo DSi Comparisons

Nintentdo-Dsi-LL-ComparisionNow that the new Nintendo DSi LL has been made official it’s time to see a real comparison of what it is like compared to it’s smaller brother, the DSi. The image above shows the systems sat next to each other. The image below (after the video) shows what the DSi LL looks like compared to a Nintendo Wii game box… ie, it’s quite large.

We also heard yesterday that Nintendo are launching the new LL in the US early next year which is good news for those wanting a slightly larger hand-held gaming system for whatever reason. [Read more…]

Sony Alpha A750 Leaked

Sony-a750Sony’s latest Alpha range of DSLR cameras was only refreshed a few months back in August. However, we are now to believe that a new Alpha DSLR camera could be launched soon.

Back in August a couple of models were release that were an A550 with a 14.2 megapixel sensor and an A850 that had a 24.6 megapixel sensor. The A750 is expected to get the balance just right between the two by having a 14.6 megapixel sensor along with full frame. [Read more…]

Android 2.0 Ported to T-Mobile G1

t-mobile-g1-android-2.0Android 2.0 is almost upon us with the launch of the new Motorola Droid. However, someone has already managed to port the new operating system to the older T-Mobile G1 / Dream.

The port isn’t the greatest to be honest as it was just a direct port with no optimisation at all, but we’ll forgive them for that as it was achieved before the official launch. Although we say it’s not very well optimised it still actually runs quite well although a bit jerky on screen transitions. [Read more…]

AUO 65″ LED eco-friendly Display is 7.9mm Thin

eco_friendly_led_panelAU Optronics Corp have created range of new TV’s and ePaper screens that were put on display today over at FPD International in Yokohama in Japan.

Included in the lineup of displays is a 65″ LED panel that measures 7.9mm thick and has High Dynamic Contrast. The panel is being touted as being eco-friendly and according to the press release, it consumes 50% less power than average. It has a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 and uses a pre-mixed LED Light Cell that has 256 zones of local dimming. [Read more…]

Dual Screen Netbook Concept Captured on Video

KOHJINSHAWhen working on a netbook you often run in to the problem of not having enough screen estate. To tackle this problem a company have created a dual-screen netbook that allows you to view two 10.1 inch screens side by side that then slide one behind the other when not needed. By giving you an extra screen you get more screen estate, thus making your work on a netbook a little more productive.

Examples of usage could be putting an Excel spreadsheet on the left screen while taking notes on the right screen, or perhaps browsing on one screen while watching a video on the second.

The netbook doesn’t look as flimsy as I expected from what I see in the video and actually seems to work quite well. It is unclear what battery life will be like on a dual screen netbook but if they can get that to be an acceptable level this thing “could” sell. [Read more…]

LG GW620 Android Phone Website Launched

lg_gw620_official_8LG have launched a new website for their new LG GW620 Android based mobile phone. The mini site isn’t really complete yet as it just has the standard Latin? text running down the page. However, what it does have is a set of photos of the phone as well as a spec sheet and a couple of videos showing what the phone can do.

What we do see from the spec sheet is that it will connect on dualband UMTS at 900 and 2100MHz and quadband GSM. The specs also show that Wifi at 802.11b/g as well as Bluetooth and USB are options for connectivity. The phone measures 109 x 54.5 x 15.9 mm and weighs 139g. [Read more…]

Apple TV 3.0 Gets a Software Update

apple-tv-30Changes to the iTunes store’s terms and conditions have been spotted that mention a new version of Apple TV. Apple [AAPL] has not made it clear yet if the update is just to software or if a new version of the Apple TV may be coming soon.

‘iTunes LP and iTunes Extras Products are usable only on computers with iTunes 9 or higher and Apple TV with software version 3.0 or higher.

[Read more…]

Samsung Colour e-paper Prototype Revealed

samsung-color-e-paperSamsung have created a new colour e-paper display that measures 10.1 inches. Right now it’s just a prototype and it has a contrast ratio of just 10:1 making it not too clear at all. The screen also only has the ability to reproduce 7% of the NTSC colours. Yes, it could be a while before it goes in to production but it is a great step in the right direction.

Samsung aim to have the colour e-paper available in about 2 years time which will be about a year after PVI create colour displays for both Kindles and Sony Readers. [Read more…]

Nintendo DSi LL 4.2″ Screen

Nintendo-DSi-LLA few days ago a rumour started going around about a new larger Nintendo DSi that was being created. Nintendo denied it, but now we heard that it actually is getting launched as the Nintendo DSi LL and will be priced at around $221 (conversion from Yen).

The Nintendo DSi LL will ship on November 21 in Japan and will have a 4.2 inch screen. The extra sized screen does make the whole unit a little larger and thicker too at 21.2mm compared to the 18.9mm of the previous model.

When shipping it will come in a choice of 3 colours which includes dark brown, burgandy and natural white. Battery life sees the unit powered for about 4 to 5 hours with maximum brightness set and can go from 13 – 17 hours on a single charge when set on it’s lowest setting. [Read more…]

Toyota Prius iPhone App

Prius-iPhone-AppToyota have released a new iPhone app that attempts to educate as well as advertise the features of the Prius car… in particular it’s Draw feature is the funkiest as it allows you and your iPhone to interact with a large screen over in Times Square New York. When you have downloaded the application you load it up and draw on the screen. Your drawings are then thrown up on to the huge screen and mixed with the Prius. Although I say it’s the funkiest part of the app, admittedly it’s not that amazing, but still kind of cool in a weird way.

Other features of the Prius iPhone App include 360 degree views of the interior and exterior of the car along with interaction with the camera on the phone as well as a 10 level game that makes use of the accelerometer in some shape or form. [Read more…]

HTC Hero to get Android 2.0

htc-heroHTC have announced that they are to make an update available for the HTC Hero brining it up to Android 2.0 (Eclair). The statement said that the only delays at the moment are relating to the Sense UI…

“Yes, we are working on an Eclair update for the HTC Hero. Because Eclair is a significantly enhanced release, it will require some time to update Sense for this new version of the Android OS. Please be patient while we work to provide you with a tightly integrated experience like the one you are already enjoying on your Hero.”

[Read more…]