TomTom iPhone Car Kit back in UK Apple Store

tomtom-car-kit-for-iphone-3gsJust a few weeks back we reported that the TomTom iPhone car kit was ready for pre-order at what seemed to be a good price of £100 including the TomTom software. Shortly after various websites mentioned it Apple pulled the product off line stating that the £100 was just for the car kit and the software had to be purchased separately.

Today we hear that Apple have re added the iPhone car kit to the UK site, but this time they have priced it up correctly at £100 for the car kit alone. A disclaimer has also been added to the store which says… “The TomTom app for iPhone is not included with this TomTom Car Kit. The Car Kit dock is compatible with all iPhone models, but the TomTom app only works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.”

The TomTom iPhone car kit will ship in the next couple of weeks, so go ahead and order now if you want to grab yourself one. Although it does look like a fantastic car kit I can’t help but think it’s a tad on the expensive side.

Via: JoeW, Engadget

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