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Kohjinsha Dual-Screen Netbook Hands-On

kohjinsha-2x-ceatec-rm-engKohjinsha has created an interesting looking dual-screen netbook that has two 10.1 inch LCD screens built in that can display either 1024 x 600 pixels or HD at 1366 x 768 pixels. A unique sliding mechanism on the screens allows one to slide behind the other allowing it to be more compact when carrying around.

The dual-screen netbook is DirectX 10 compatible and runs an AMD Athlon MV-40 and has a 2.5 inch SATA HDD. Memory wise it can take up to 4GB of DDR2 memory. The netbook when launched will run Windows 7 Home Premium. [Read more…]

Samsung Behold II AMOLED Android Phone

SGH-t939_right1Samsung are launching a new Android phone on to the T-Mobile network in the US. The phone is the Samsung Behold II and it features a 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen along with a 5 megapixel camera.

Other features of this phone include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 and 3G connectiity. The Behold II uses the TouchWiz UI that overlays on top of Android. All the regular google style apps can be found in the Android OS phone that includes maps, voice search, youtube etc… Also included with this phone is Microsoft Exchange support which is a nice addition allowing the phone to be used more in businesses that support Exchange server.

Storage wise the memory can be expanded up to 16GB by using microSD cards. [Read more…]

HTC HD2 / Leo – More Details Arrive

HTC-Leo-2A thread over at XDA Forums has revealed more information about the HTC HD2 / Leo smartphone including some technical specs, more pictures and general details about the hardware such as the screen type. Some of it we already know from previous leaks but a lot of the information is new. We already have heard it is going on to the O2 and T-Mobile networks in the UK. We have previously heard it will launch October 12 although some sources say 19th although that could depend on the network. Previously we heard that it will have a capacitive touchscreen. Lets see what else it will have…

At this point it is important to mention that this information has come from a user over on the XDA forums, so some might be speculative although they seem in line with what we would expect of a phone of this size. [Read more…]

HTC Tilt 2 and HTC Pure Made Official

att-pure-tilt2A few moments ago we mentioned that you could pick up a HTC Pure as early as yesterday in AT&T stores in the US. This morning AT&T actually made it official says BGR who got hold of the new press release. Details of pricing were officially announced that sees the pure selling for $149.99 with a 2 year contract. The HTC Tilt, made available in a few weeks, will cost a little more at $299.99 and will also have a 2 year contract.

Both handsets use the fantastic TouchFLO3D user interface that sits as a layer on top of the Windows Phone operating system. [Read more…]

Windows Mobile 6.5 Marketplace Arrives Early

windows-marketplace-ofc-03AT&T launched the HTC Pure on Sunday which makes the launch a couple of days earlier than the official release of October 6 tomorrow. This makes the Pure the first device to be made publicly available that runs the new Windows Phone operating system.

With that in mind, Microsoft now actually have the latest Marketplace ready and waiting to go which allows you to download applications just as you do on Android, iPhone, Nokia and WebOS smartphones. Marketplace’s or app stores depending on what OS you are using are fantastic as they allow you to browse through a catalogue of games and applications that can be downloaded and easily installed over the air. [Read more…]

Smartphone Flash Player – HD Flash for all but iPhone

Flash-for-SmartphonesAdobe have unveiled Flash 10.1 and the great news is that all content by Adobe will work on Smartphones (except for the iPhone). This means that if you have a Windows Phone, Android, Symbian, WebOS or Blackberry then sometime in 2010 you’ll be able to access flash content on your phone.

Flash 10.1 will also be compatible with smartbooks, netbooks, PC’s and other internet-connected devices. If you have an iPhone then you wont be in luck due to limitations in the OS that prevent it from working correctly still. However, PCWorld point out that the iPhone is already hugely popular with users and already has some great multimedia and gaming content available. Apple should work more to allow Flash 10.1 to be compatible though as this new version does push the boundaries a little by adding multitouch as well as being able to detect screen orientation. Gesture based controls are also built in to the new system. [Read more…]

Casio Databank Watch Re-Release

casio-data-bankTokyoFlash are re-releasing the Casio DataBank watch for a limited time. Described by the guys over there as “A true classic brought back to life”, the watch, as the previous versions did, allows you to store telephone numbers on it, perform calculations and wake yourself up with 5 programmable alarms.

The new upgraded style version comes in amber, ultra pink, natural green and aqua blue. Technical wise it has 13 languages built in allowing you to operate the watch in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Rumanian, Turkish and Russian. [Read more…]

Exemode Yashica DVF828 Digital Photo Frame and Scanner

exemode-yashica-DVF828Yesterday we mentioned a new Sony digital photo frame that also housed a photo printer. Today we came across the Exemode Yashica DVF828 digital photo frame that actually is home to a scanner.

The frame has an 8 inch screen inside that displays an 800 x 600 pixel resolution and 1GB of memory can be found inside that you can use to save scanned in images to, or store transferred images from your PC. If 1GB isn’t enough to store images on then you can also use the SD memory card slot to further expand capacity. [Read more…]

BlackBerry Storm 2 Preview

BlackBerry-Storm-2PhoneArena managed to get hold of a pre-production BlackBerry Storm 2, also known as the 9550 and take it for a quick test to see how it compares to the original. The first BlackBerry Storm was described as a bit of a failure although it still shifted a few million devices. The second version was designed to get around the faults and failings of the first version. Lets see if it succeeded.

The screen has had a big upgrade which now houses 4 sensors instead of 1 like the predecessor. This does improve the touchscreen and specifically while typing, a lot fewer errors were found. However, the buttons running just below the screen only seemed to work 1/3 of the time which is quite bad. Remember that this is a pre-production model that was being tested though. [Read more…]

Apple Patent a Two Hand Multi-Touch System

patent-091001-1Apple has just this week filed a new patent that shows a multi-touch system that can detect input from two hands. Not only does it detect fingers touching the screen, it actually can detect your palms and other parts of your hand that will make contact with the surface. The system will allow the user to interact with the device on a new level for typing, gestures, pointing, resting, 3D manipulation with all that information being captured and processed in an “ergonomic computer input device”.

This patent further assists the rumours that have been around recently about an Apple Tablet and could answer the rumours a little more by indicating that Apple will go for a larger screen rather then a small screen.

“Many attempts have been made to embed pointing devices in a keyboard so the hands do not have to leave typing position to access the pointing device… The limited movement range and resolution of these devices, leads to poorer pointing speed and accuracy than a mouse, and they add mechanical complexity to keyboard construction,” the application reads. “Thus there exists a need in the art for pointing methods with higher resolution, larger movement range, and more degrees of freedom yet which are easily accessible from typing hand positions.”

[Read more…]

HTC HD2 to Ship from T-Mobile in UK

HTC_Leo_leaked_1Yesterday we reported that the HTC HD2 (formerly known as the HTC Leo) is to ship from O2 thanks to a photo captured of an O2 magazine which gives a page overview of the phone. We now hear from another source that T-Mobile will also be selling the HTC HD2 when it launches.

The information came earlier today from what seems to be someone working at T-Mobile who mentioned that the phone was starting to show up on their systems. Two reports came in and now confirmation has also come through to support this. [Read more…]

Motorola Tao – More Pictures Revealed

Moto-Tao1Yesterday we wrote about the Motorola Tao and the pictures that had leaked. Unfortunately the pictures leaked only showed applications running on the device and not the actual phone it’s self. The same user has now uploaded a wider angle shot showing a bit more of the hardware.

The image is a little on the blurry side, but it does give you a good impression of what the smartphone will look like. I have to say it does look quite nice as I was expecting it to be a little clunkier being a Motorola.

BGR last month showed a picture of a prototype of the then called Schules showing the QWERTY keyboard layout. No pictures of the Tao opened up have been uploaded yet (to my knowledge) but after the jump we do have a picture showing you what the prototype looks like and we assume not much will have changed. [Read more…]