FleXpeaker – Thin Flexible Audio Speaker

flexspeaker-thin-speakerFleXpeaker is a flexible speaker that can be bent to a certain point without distorting the audio being produced by it.

It was created by a company called ITRI that are based in Taiwan and from the technical specs it shows that the speaker has a frequency range of 500Hz to 20KHz giving it a fair bit of the hearing range.

The speaker it’s self is very thin and can be mounted on a wall for example. ITRI are also looking in to the possibility of linking a number of these together to create a larger wall of sound so to speak.

Uses for this technology could include installation in magazines for audio ads, energy saving buildings, electric vehicle installation as well as creating hidden speakers in the room of your house.

It would be interesting to see this technology combined with the ultra thin TV’s like the one LG are creating.

Via: HardwareSphere and TheCoolGadgets

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