Car Cam Voyager Records as you Drive

Car_Cam_VoyagerCar Cam Voyager is a system that sits under the visor of your car and records whats happening while your on the road. If you are unfortunate enough to have a bump or scrape you’ll now have evidence to present to the insurers to prove you weren’t at fault.

The device is powered by the lighter socket on your car and includes a screen with a 720 x 480 resolution so you can see what is being recorded. Up to 48 hours of driving footage is stored on the 32GB SD card. Footage is stored in 15 minute increments to help you quickly reach the section of video you are wanting to find.

When the 32GB SD card is filled up the system simply overwrites the oldest video data captured on the card, thus constantly capturing video data. Just make sure that if your in a crash that you don’t leave the camera active so the files don’t get wiped before you download them.

To copy the data you can either plug the SD card in to a memory card reader, or use RCA output cables to hook the device up to your TV.

The unit costs $300 to buy and is available from here.

Via: GearLive

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