MotoBlur Ported to a HTC G1 Android Phone

Motorola-MotoBlurCheck out this cool little hack that see’s Motorola’s MotoBlur ported over to a HTC G1 android phone. The hacker managed to achieve this by using a leaked copy of the Motorola Cliq ROM which was then converted, some how, and ported on to the G1.

As of yet, there are no instructions on how this was done, but hopefully in the next few weeks somewhere like XDA forums will have a user who provides the details.

Some cool applications that you don’t see on the regular G1 include Happening which is a service that mixes together updates from your Facebook profile along with Twitter and MySpace and presents them all on a single thread. Also Happening has a widget that displays similar information on the home screen of the G1.

Another widget is called Entertainment and information from various website RSS feeds can be displayed on screen. It’s a fantastic looking version of Android and hopefully some instructions on porting it over to the G1 will appear online soon.

Via: CrunchGear

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