TXTBlocker Stops Texting While Driving

TXTBlockerTXTBlocker is a system that prevents a mobile phone from sending a text while the phone is detected as moving. It is designed for parents and employers to ensure the safety of others while they are driving. The service is subscription based and allows the subscriber to set certain situations where text messaging and phone calls cannot be made.

The system works by using cell and GPS data to locate the location and travel speed of a phone. If the phone is determined to be in a car then service is limited.

Although it might prevent accidents from happening I can see it being a bit of a pain to deal with as you might be travelling by train or bus and suddenly be unable to use your phone. The system does allow for passenger functions which allow the phone to be used if a passenger is using it, but this is only permitted through the admin control panel.

As well as being able to prevent texts and calls while moving, the system also can use location based services to determine if you are in a classroom situation and block calls and texts there too. There is a charge for the service which starts at $9.99/month with a $24.99 setup fee. The company also say other phone compatibilities are on the way so you’ll eventually be able to use it on more than the current Blackberry and Windows Mobile offerings.

What happens to my text messages, e-mails and phone calls when TXTBlocker is active? a. Text messages and e-mails are kept in the phone’s database until the phone is in a ňúsafe’ state. An automatic TXT message is sent as a reply to senders to let them know that TXTBlocker is active and that you will receive their message once you are clear to communicate safely.Phone calls are sent to voicemail. We suggest updating your voicemail to let callers know that you have TXTBlocker, which doesn’t allow phone calls while driving or at certain locations. When a call is missed and TXTBlocker is active, aAn automatic TXT message is sent to the caller’s phone number caller to let them know that TXT Blocker is active.

I’m not convinced this is the best way forwards although I’d have to see it working before passing that judgement.

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