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Barnes & Noble Nook Made Official

features_musicEarlier we wrote about the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader that suddenly was being made available today. Scanning over their website we see that the information has now been made official and that a colour eBook reader is now available for pre-order. Although the eBook reader does have some element of colour, it is important to know that the reading pane is just regular e-ink, but the device does have a seperate LCD colour navigation area below the screen that acts like a touch-pad.

The Nook measures 7.7″ x 4.9″ x 0.5″ and weighs 11.2 ounces. The main screen/reading pane uses advanced E Ink Vizplex that allows you to read eBooks like a printed page. This allows you to read in sunlight as well as clearly while used in your home. The text size can also be adjusted to suit your needs. [Read more…]

ii-View A2 Netbook Announced

ii-View-A2-Netbook_1ii-View has created a new netbook named the A2 netbook. The netbook uses an Intel Atom CPU running at 1.6GHz and has a healthy 2GB of RAM along with a large 320GB harddrive.

Connectivity wise it has fast wireless access compatible with 802.11b/g/n. Specs wise it’s similar in power to most standard netbooks in the speed of the processor, but the extra 1GB of RAM is a nice addition. The ii-View A2 also has a 12 inch screen that runs at a HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The larger screen allows the casing to accommodate a full sized QWERTY keyboard rather than a 90 something % size often seen on the smaller 10″ models. [Read more…]

Windows Mobile 6.5.1 Announced

wm-6-5-1When Windows Mobile 6.5 (aka, Windows Phone) was launched recently, it didn’t go down as good as what we had hoped for. The problem with it was that it just seemed like a slight upgrade to 6.1 with a lot of the 6.1 features being behind the scenes in the applications… ie, not finger friendly.

We now hear that a new version could be making it’s way soon. It has been unofficially dubbed as 6.5.1 and will serve as an intermediary step between 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7 due out next year. The new version is basically more polished with a few tweaks such as new anti-aliased buttons rather than the older Windows 3.1 look. The version is also supposed to be faster and sleeker as well as using larger icons to be a lot more touch-friendly. [Read more…]

TomTom Go I-90 In-Dash SatNav

tomtom-go-i90TomTom have created a new satnav system that fits in the dashboard of your car. It is called the TomTom Go I-90 and is designed to fit in a standard double DIN slot completely replacing the onboard stereo that was there before.

Included in the I-90 is an FM radio along with RDS support. AM reception is also possible and the unit has a USB connector allowing MP3 players to be connected. It isn’t known if the unit has Bluetooth although the press release does refer to compatibility with an extensive list of phones for hands free calling. We assume that it will considering many TomTom units have this feature. [Read more…]

Viewsonic VOT132 Nettop PC is ION-Based running Windows 7

vot132-1Viewsonic are launching an updated version of it’s nettop PC. The new version is a step up from their older version, named the VOT131. The new VOT132 will feature a dual core Intel Atom processor and rather than running Windows XP Home, this version will run Windows 7 Home Premium.

As can be expected with all announcements of Windows 7 computers and netbooks, the VOT132 will also launch this week on the 22nd October. [Read more…]

Nook eBook Reader – Barnes & Noble Color eBook Reader Launching

Barnes-and-Noble-eBook-ReaderAccording to WSJ, they spotted an ad showing the Barnes & Noble color eBook reader saying it will be called Nook and will be going on sale Tuesday (today) priced at $259.

The price tag matches that of the Amazon Kindle but rather than being stuck with just greyscale you’ll get color on the Nook.

An interesting feature of the Nook allows you to share eBooks with friends. [Read more…]

Acer Aspire AS1410 CULV Netbook Gets Priced

AS1410-keyboard-shot-512x500Acer have perhaps created a fantastic netbook here in the shape of the Acer Aspire AS1410 CULV. The AS1410 has a fair bit of power inside that includes a Celeron SU2300 1.2GHz processor that has 1MB of L2 Cache and an 800MHz front side bus. Also included in the Aspire AS1410 is 2GB of DDR2 memory that can be upgraded to 4GB.

The screen measures 11.6 inches and has a HD widescreen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The screen is lit by LED and Acer call it their CineCrystal. Due to the larger 11.6″ screen you can also expect a decent sized keyboard on this netbook. Acer say the keyboard is full size which is especially handy on small devices. [Read more…]

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Announced

canon-eos-mark-iv-press-rm-eng1Canon have announced the Mark 4 version of their EOS-1D camera. The camera comes with a 16.1 megapixel sensor with an ISO range of 100 to 12,800 native all the way up to 102,400.

Other features in the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV include a 45 point area autofocus that is customixable along with 39 high precision cross type focusing points. To capture and process the image the camera has two Digic 4 processors and thanks to all this power the camera can capture full HD video at 1080p.

The camera will be priced at around $5000 (estimation) although some have pointed out that 1D series cameras are typically below $4000 for body only setups. [Read more…]

Virgin America to Offer Free Wi-Fi over Holidays Courtesy of Google

VirginAmericaIf you are planning to fly on a Virgin America plane between the dates of November 10 this year and January 15 2010 then thanks to Google you’ll be getting a free wi-fi connection to use. TechCrunch has reported that Google will be footing the bill for all passengers who wish to use the wireless service on VA’s aircraft that support it over the 8 or so week period.

It’s a smart move in my opinion as a number of people find that sitting a few hours on a plane can be a boring time where you could put that time to better use by keeping in contact with the world. However, some may see that as a bad thing as it is one of the very few places where you can actually disconnect from the web and people and take time to relax. Whatever your thoughts are on this, it’s still a nice little bonus for those flying who want to make use of the service. [Read more…]

inPulse SmartWatch Accessory for BlackBerry Smartphone

blackberry-watchThe inPulse SmartWatch is described as an accessory for your BlackBerry Smartphone. The inPulse can be used to compliment your smartphone and be used to relay messages from the BlackBerry phone. Ideal situations might include being stuck in an office meeting and feeling your phone vibrate to inform you of a message. Rather than getting your phone out, you could simply glance at your watch to see who has sent you a message and judge if it needs answering.

According to crackberry, the renderings above and below represent the real deal. The device is made by a 3rd party accessory company who have worked on the SmartWatch from the ground up. [Read more…]

The Realistic Digital Slot Car Raceway

digital_slotcarsThe common slot cars are controlled by a single button that can variablly control the speed of the car dependend on how hard you press it. The aim is to get around the track repeatidly as fast as you can without being thrown off on a corner.

A new version of the classic slot cars have been made and it’s called The Realistic Digital Slot Car Raceway. The difference here is that you have to do more than just drive around the track repeatidly. In this version you have to drive around the track and be concious of your fuel consumption, braking responsiveness as well as pit rules. When your car is full of fuel (shown on the large digital display), your car will drive slower because of the extra weight. Drive through the pits too fast then you might get a time penalty. [Read more…]

QUE proReader eBook Reader Announced

que-ebook-01Plastic Logic have revealed their latest eBook reader that will be on display at CES in 2010. It is called the QUE proReader and is designed specifically for professionals who need access to documents while on the move. For this reason the proReader can read various document types such as .doc, .pdf, .ppt and Excel documents.

There isn’t much information on the device yet and all we have for now is the side profile shots seen here. Looking at the side profile it does reveal that the proReader looks to be very sleek and hopefully a front shot wont scare us away. Perhaps it resemble some of the looks found on this other device from Plastic Logic. [Read more…]