inPulse SmartWatch Accessory for BlackBerry Smartphone

blackberry-watchThe inPulse SmartWatch is described as an accessory for your BlackBerry Smartphone. The inPulse can be used to compliment your smartphone and be used to relay messages from the BlackBerry phone. Ideal situations might include being stuck in an office meeting and feeling your phone vibrate to inform you of a message. Rather than getting your phone out, you could simply glance at your watch to see who has sent you a message and judge if it needs answering.

According to crackberry, the renderings above and below represent the real deal. The device is made by a 3rd party accessory company who have worked on the SmartWatch from the ground up.

blackberry-watch-2The watch it’s self features a bright OLED screen that you can quickly glance at to see who your last message came from. Also with the screen being OLED it helps provide a decent battery life for the watch between charges.

The watch is designed to show a number of notifications as well as previews as and when the arrive to your BlackBerry. If the 3rd party company open up the phone with an API it could allow custom made apps to also have access to the screen on the device to relay their own status messages.

Finally, when crackberry received the photos they were named the inPulse SmartWatch which is why they believe this could be the official name of the device.

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