The Realistic Digital Slot Car Raceway

digital_slotcarsThe common slot cars are controlled by a single button that can variablly control the speed of the car dependend on how hard you press it. The aim is to get around the track repeatidly as fast as you can without being thrown off on a corner.

A new version of the classic slot cars have been made and it’s called The Realistic Digital Slot Car Raceway. The difference here is that you have to do more than just drive around the track repeatidly. In this version you have to drive around the track and be concious of your fuel consumption, braking responsiveness as well as pit rules. When your car is full of fuel (shown on the large digital display), your car will drive slower because of the extra weight. Drive through the pits too fast then you might get a time penalty.

Included in the set are 3 x 1:32 scale slot cars along with over 20 feet of track that includes banked bends along with 3 lane switch areas.

Although a bit pricey at $499.95 it looks quite fun to play. Available from Hammacher.

Via: OhGizmo

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