TomTom Go I-90 In-Dash SatNav

tomtom-go-i90TomTom have created a new satnav system that fits in the dashboard of your car. It is called the TomTom Go I-90 and is designed to fit in a standard double DIN slot completely replacing the onboard stereo that was there before.

Included in the I-90 is an FM radio along with RDS support. AM reception is also possible and the unit has a USB connector allowing MP3 players to be connected. It isn’t known if the unit has Bluetooth although the press release does refer to compatibility with an extensive list of phones for hands free calling. We assume that it will considering many TomTom units have this feature.

It’s kind of an odd move and we can see why. Due to the increasing usage of smartphones, poor old TomTom is getting pushed to the side a little it seems. To get more units in to vehicles this new solution has been created.

The TomTom Go I-90 will cost $893 when launched and at that price we hope to see it fully loaded with all the TomTom features such as HD traffic, Map Share, Help-Me and anything else that can justify the cost.

On the good side of things, the unit does sit neatly in your car and due to how good TomTom is, it would make a fantastic in-car navigation system. Also from what the press release mentions, it seems the navigation section in the middle is also detachable allowing you to use it as a portable system too.

The Go I-90 will be launched in December this year across Europe.

Via: Engadget

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