Nook eBook Reader – Barnes & Noble Color eBook Reader Launching

Barnes-and-Noble-eBook-ReaderAccording to WSJ, they spotted an ad showing the Barnes & Noble color eBook reader saying it will be called Nook and will be going on sale Tuesday (today) priced at $259.

The price tag matches that of the Amazon Kindle but rather than being stuck with just greyscale you’ll get color on the Nook.

An interesting feature of the Nook allows you to share eBooks with friends.

Engadget found out that the Nook will actually be retailing this Thursday along side Windows 7 (brave?) and there also seems to be some involvement with Best Buy, ie, do they have exclusive selling rights to the color eBook reader? I am sure we’ll find out more details today, if launched today or sometime between now and Thursday.

Via: Slippery Brick

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