Windows Mobile 6.5.1 Announced

wm-6-5-1When Windows Mobile 6.5 (aka, Windows Phone) was launched recently, it didn’t go down as good as what we had hoped for. The problem with it was that it just seemed like a slight upgrade to 6.1 with a lot of the 6.1 features being behind the scenes in the applications… ie, not finger friendly.

We now hear that a new version could be making it’s way soon. It has been unofficially dubbed as 6.5.1 and will serve as an intermediary step between 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7 due out next year. The new version is basically more polished with a few tweaks such as new anti-aliased buttons rather than the older Windows 3.1 look. The version is also supposed to be faster and sleeker as well as using larger icons to be a lot more touch-friendly.

IStartedSomething‘s writer says…

For example, the ‘Start button and ‘Close button have all been moved to the more accessible lower toolbar, freeing up the entire top row for status icons which is now thinner. Tapping on this row now expands a tray-like widget with large icons that provide quick access to system notifications and settings.

On the UI side, controls including buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons and the like have all been remastered, finally replacing the Windows 3.1-like graphics with modernized anti-aliased equivalents. Tabs have also been replace with a new ‘pivot control that sits at the top of the screen where users can flick and toggle between.

It seems like a step in the right direction for Windows Mobile v6.X, but the problem is that I doubt Microsoft will do anymore on version 6 of the WM operating system considering version 7 is just around the corner.

Good news is that you might be able to use this version now… if you are in the mood to root your device and don’t mind installing custom roms. Check out XDA Developers to see if there is a version available for your phone and while your there, make sure you follow the strict instructions so you don’t end up bricking the phone.


  1. Hi – using 6.5.1 on topaz – htc touch diamond 2 – looks and feels great compared to .1 or .5
    Memory usage is lower than other os’s, and buttons much more finger friendly.

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