HTC HD2 / Leo – More Details Arrive

HTC-Leo-2A thread over at XDA Forums has revealed more information about the HTC HD2 / Leo smartphone including some technical specs, more pictures and general details about the hardware such as the screen type. Some of it we already know from previous leaks but a lot of the information is new. We already have heard it is going on to the O2 and T-Mobile networks in the UK. We have previously heard it will launch October 12 although some sources say 19th although that could depend on the network. Previously we heard that it will have a capacitive touchscreen. Lets see what else it will have…

At this point it is important to mention that this information has come from a user over on the XDA forums, so some might be speculative although they seem in line with what we would expect of a phone of this size.

First, the HTC HD2 will run Windows Mobile 6.5 which seems kind of obvious due to it’s speculated release date being just after the launch of the said operating system. The phone will also support Windows Mobile 7 which is scheduled to be launched sometime next year. It isn’t clear if an upgrade will be made available as WM7 is still a number of months away, but the hardware is at least up to scratch to support it.

The screen on the device is made of glass, which was expected on a phone such as this. The phone has a 3G to Wi-Fi router feature which can also be achieved on a number of phones. A cinema mode button is found on the device. The battery is a rather weak 1230mAh which seems a little small for a device with a processor and screen of it’s size. RAM on the device is the largest of any HTC device todate and has 320MB of it for running the software.

The processor in the HTC HD2 is a Qualcomm MSM 8250 running at 1GHz making is very powerful. Internal storage see’s it get 512MB of ROM. The impressive screen measures 4.3 inches and has a resolution of 480 x 800 WVGA that can display 65K colours. The screen is capacitive and multi-touch is supported.

Connectivity is as can be expected of a phone in this class and supports HSDPA, 3G and what not. A GPS antenna is also included in the phone which is also not surprising.

For the full rundown of specs check out PocketNow who have all the juicy details.

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