Motorola Tao – More Pictures Revealed

Moto-Tao1Yesterday we wrote about the Motorola Tao and the pictures that had leaked. Unfortunately the pictures leaked only showed applications running on the device and not the actual phone it’s self. The same user has now uploaded a wider angle shot showing a bit more of the hardware.

The image is a little on the blurry side, but it does give you a good impression of what the smartphone will look like. I have to say it does look quite nice as I was expecting it to be a little clunkier being a Motorola.

BGR last month showed a picture of a prototype of the then called Schules showing the QWERTY keyboard layout. No pictures of the Tao opened up have been uploaded yet (to my knowledge) but after the jump we do have a picture showing you what the prototype looks like and we assume not much will have changed.


It will be good to get some official shots soon. When they are available we’ll have them posted here.

Via: BGR

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