Smartphone Flash Player – HD Flash for all but iPhone

Flash-for-SmartphonesAdobe have unveiled Flash 10.1 and the great news is that all content by Adobe will work on Smartphones (except for the iPhone). This means that if you have a Windows Phone, Android, Symbian, WebOS or Blackberry then sometime in 2010 you’ll be able to access flash content on your phone.

Flash 10.1 will also be compatible with smartbooks, netbooks, PC’s and other internet-connected devices. If you have an iPhone then you wont be in luck due to limitations in the OS that prevent it from working correctly still. However, PCWorld point out that the iPhone is already hugely popular with users and already has some great multimedia and gaming content available. Apple should work more to allow Flash 10.1 to be compatible though as this new version does push the boundaries a little by adding multitouch as well as being able to detect screen orientation. Gesture based controls are also built in to the new system.

If you are a Windows Phone or Palm WebOS user then a beta demo will be made available later this year. For those with Symbian, Android or BlackBerry OS’s, you’ll need to wait till 2010 for the beta to be launched. With Adobe working with 19 out of 20 major handset creators we should see the new smartphone flash on a number of phones over the next few years.

Gizmodo have the full press release details, so go over and check them out!

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