Windows Mobile 6.5 Marketplace Arrives Early

windows-marketplace-ofc-03AT&T launched the HTC Pure on Sunday which makes the launch a couple of days earlier than the official release of October 6 tomorrow. This makes the Pure the first device to be made publicly available that runs the new Windows Phone operating system.

With that in mind, Microsoft now actually have the latest Marketplace ready and waiting to go which allows you to download applications just as you do on Android, iPhone, Nokia and WebOS smartphones. Marketplace’s or app stores depending on what OS you are using are fantastic as they allow you to browse through a catalogue of games and applications that can be downloaded and easily installed over the air.

If you were one of the lucky ones to pick up a HTC Pure yesterday then go check it out and let us know in the comments if the Windows Marketplace is any good.

HTC-PureOn to the hardware for a brief run down of what you get… the HTC Pure has been launched on to the AT&T network and runs the Windows Phone OS (WM 6.5). The Pure is basically a re-branded HTC Touch Diamond2 that was launched earlier this year.

Via: Engadget and Mobility Digest


  1. what about htc hd mini app.

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