Star Wars Force Trainer

star_wars_force_trainer_comboWe have already mentioned the Star Wars Force Trainer a few months back, but as it’s now available at ThinkGeek we thought we’d mention it again.

The Force is all around us. It flows around and through us. It is between us and that tree and the rock, around our sunken X-Wing, going through our wallet, tickling our armpits, and flowing between our ears. You think we’re joking, but the only way to guide the Force outside your body is to guide the Force inside your head. Yoda told us that once when we had stew over at his house. The stew was ok (if you like licking swamp creatures), but the advice was invaluable.

The system uses dry sensor technology and can detect alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves present in your brain. By focussing and concentrating you are able to control these different states and depending on how good you are at it you can force the ball to move up and down the tube. A special chip inside the headset calculates your concentration levels by using an algorithm and if you get it right you can control the ball.

Star Wars Force Trainer Features:

* For ages 8 and up.
* Learn how to master the powers of the Force.
* Voice guided through 15 levels of Force training by Yoda!
* Star Wars sound effects confirm accomplishment and provide encouragement throughout your training.
* Includes an adjustable wireless headset, Jedi training tower w/ball and an informative learning guide.
* Base can also operate with an AC adapter (not included)
* Great fun for kids and adults of all ages!
* Batteries: 6 AA and 3 AAA (not included)
* Dimensions: 16.1″ x 14.2″ x 6.2″
* Please do not try to force levitate your little sister

Available from ThinkGeek costing $119.99.

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