PlayStation 3 Slim Review

ps3-slimGizmodo managed to get a PS3 slim to test recently and have given the new console a good test to see what’s good and what’s bad about it.

Gizmodo say…

The single largest roadblock that prevents most people from picking up a PlayStation 3 is the price. Sony’s just taken that roadblock and shrunk it. You’re now $100 more likely to buy a PlayStation 3.

The review mentions that the PS3 you buy today is not the same you got when it first launched. Gradually bits and bobs have been removed such as the card reader, USB ports, backwards compatibility etc… so if you buy a PS3 now and have the last version then you are not loosing much more… just the Linux capabilities. The slim PS3 is obviously smaller, about 33% and likewise the power consumption has been decreased 34% giving you a smaller, lighter and more eco friendly console (as well as more quiet).

Features added include the ability to bitstream Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio which isn’t a benefit to all as most just use the standard TV speakers.

Looks wise it is now matte rather than the glossy look the larger unit has always sported. This doesn’t particularly take away anything as the other older console was riddled with fingerprints and dust all of which are almost gone on the new matte finish.

For the full review of the console and pics, check out Gizmodo.


  1. I prefer the shiny finish of the original PS3, and the ability to install Linux on it. Also you mentioned about it being quiet…it must be stealth now as my original PS3 barely makes any noise at all.

    Still, I kind of wish I could get one, but there really is no point replacing my perfect original PS3 with the smaller one.

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