Qualcomm Flo TV

qualcomm_flo_tv_personal_tvGdgt managed to get the details of a mobile digital TV device built by Qualcomm. The device appears to be about the size of an iPhone and is named the Qualcomm Flo TV PTV (Personal Television).

Rather than streaming data to it over a 3G network the Flo will use Qualcomms terrestrial digital TV service to receive signals.

A capacitive touchscreen will be used on the device that will use a gesture based user interface. 4GB of internal memory can be found and it will be capable of playing back music also.

Battery power is not bad either as it can be kept on standby for 300 hours along with 15 hours of music or 5 hours of watching TV.

No details of pricing or availability are known at the moment but as we are only looking at drawings right now I suspect it wont be launched till mid next year.

Via: SlashGear

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