Acer Delays the Android Netbook

android-acerA few months ago Acer announced that they were introducing a new netbook that would dual boot in to either Windows XP or Android. If launched it would have been the first Android powered netbook to be launched. Unfortunately Acer have delayed this a few months due to not being able to find a market for a netbook of this specification.

The worry about finding the right market is that they don’t want an almost brand-new operating system landing in the hands of those who do not know how to use it. It was to be aimed at the less tech savvy but out of those, many wouldn’t really see a need or understand why the netbook dual boots.

The Android OS was designed to be easy to use on phones, but porting this over to a functioning netbook can bring in extra challenges and has become a fairly difficult task.

Although Acer might have delayed their Android netbook, there are still others like MSI who might be offering this. I personally think that netbook manufacturers should just skip Android OS by leaving it to work on smartphones only while focussing on the new Chrome OS that Google is launching. The android stepping stone seems like a waste of time given that Chrome OS is not too far away. Via: I4U

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