AAXA Pico Projector P2 – SVGA Resolution

aaxa-p2-projectorAAXA have created their second generation Pico projector. It is named the P2 and has upped the resolution to SVGA which is 800 x 600 pixels. A 33 lumen LED light source throws an image up to 80″ in size. Currently, this is the highest spec Pico projector on the market (well, almost as it’s still only available by pre-order).

The projector measures 4.3″x2.1″x1″, and weights 260 grams. The unit has a VGA input which accepts a resolution of 1280 x 720 and batter life for the unit is just 35 minutes which you have to admit, it’s the greatest. However, optional batteries are available that will see the projector run for either 70 or 180 additional minutes.

1GB of memory is built in to this pico projector and this can be further increased by way of a microSD slot.

It’s quite a nice projector if you pick up the extra batteries and allows for you to use your small gadgets such as phones, PSP’s etc… with a portable large screen. The unit costs $349 and is ready for pre-order now. Via: Engadget



  1. This looks perfect for work. Not too big to transport. Not too small to produce awful images.

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