iPhone Holder Gorilla Pod

Gorillamobile-Cellphone-TripodAs an iPhone holder, the Gorillamobile Gorillapod is a handy device to have. The gorillapod is normally associated with holding up digital cameras and attaching them to fences. The gorillamobile tripod is designed to hold your iPhone in various places. It has 3 flexible legs which can be position to stand or wrap around various objects.

Three types of quick-release adapters are available for the iPhone holder. The first is a standard screw thread that is compatible with digital cameras. The second is a suction cup designed for a temporary hold while the third method uses an adhesive clip which leaves no residue when removed.

The legs on the tripod have over two dozen joints making it one of the most unique tripods you will use. The feet are rubberised making it non slip when placed on surfaces. Overall a very handy iPhone Holder that can be used for more than just propping up your iPhone.

Details and pricing over at Joby. Via: LikeCool



  1. Good and amazing holder, not only for iPhone but also for PDAs, MP3/Video players, gaming device, GPS, compact digital and mini video cameras, and they sold this device for only $29.95.

  2. Love to have one of the gorilla holder bicycling in the afternoon. 🙂

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