Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card

plastinkuzz_dj_scratch_cardThese Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch cards allow you to carry a turntable in your pocket ready to be used for impromptu scratching. Each has a colorssurface that allows you to run your fingernail across it to create some sort of scratching noise.

Each card uses a lenticular technology to make it appear that the turntable is actually floating above the surface of the card.

The DJ scratch cards cost $3.99 each and ThinkGeek recommend you get a couple so you can scratch with a couple of decks at the same time.

DJ Scratch Card Product Features

* Plastic business card size turntable makes DJ scratching noises when you rub your fingernail across it
* Lenticular technology gives a 3-D look to the card
* Created by Russian Design Studio Art Lebedev (creator of the Optimus Maximus keyboard)


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