Mvix Tiny Wireless N Adapter

mvix_nubbin_tiny_wireless_n_adapterWireless networks are getting faster. It began with Wireless A which clocked up maximum speeds of about 54Mbps. Following A was B which gave a boost to range from 100 – 150 feet but in doing that the speed dropped to 11Mbps. Wireless G was next which basically mixed the best of A and B together to make a 150 feet range at 54Mbps. The next is Wireless N which boosts the speed by a fair bit up to 150Mbps with a range of 230 feet.

Wireless N routers have been available for a while now. A problem happens though in that most people have older laptops that still use b/g speeds and therefore, you waste a lot of speed. This is where the Mvix wireless N adapter comes in to play.

The Mvix is a Wireless N adapter that is USB and is very small in size. When attached to your laptop it sticks out just 2cm which keeps it out of the way, yet provides far greater network speeds between the laptop and the Wireless N router.

Compliant with IEEE 802.1n draft 3.0 and IEEE 802.1b/g, Nubbin supports WMM® and WMM-PS® (IEEE 802.1e QoS Standard). Nubbin also offers advanced features like innovative WPS® (Wireless Protected Setup), auto-builds connection, and synchronizes settings. It supports all encryption standards and is compatible with all operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista, Mac OS X and Linux.

The Mvix Nubbin adapts to any standard USB2.0 port and connects wirelessly to a router to stream data at high throughput in a secure environment. Mvix Nubbin is also backward compatible and interoperable with 802.11b/g devices… but you would never ever want to go there unless forced to.

Mvix Wireless N Features

* Mini wireless adapter gives you 802.11n wi-fi network capabilities
* Data Rate: 802.11n(40MHz):MCS0~7, up to 150Mbps
* Security Encryption: WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA2
* PC Requirements: Windows XP/Vista, Mac OSX, Linux
* PC Interface: USB2.0
* Standards: IEEE 802.11 b / g / n Compliant
* Protocol: 802.11b/g/n: USA (FCC) 11 channels; EU (ETSI) 13 channels; Japan (TELEC) 13 channels
* Warranty: Full 1-yr Mnfg. Warranty
* Features: Chip antenna (2dBi) *1 (Peak Gain)
* Network Features: 802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps 802.11g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps 802.11n(20MHz):MCS0~7, up to 72.22Mbps 802.11n(40MHz):MCS0~7, up to 150Mbps
* Dimensions: 30mm x 14mm x 7mm (2.7gms)

Available from ThinkGeek costing $39.99.


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