JamVOX Guitar Trainer

jamvox_guitar_trainerJamVOX is a device which you hook up to your computer that allows you to play away to dozens of amp effects that have been created over the years.

It uses XTracktion (GXT) technology to remove guitar parts from your favourite songs and then allows you to take the lead of that song. The sounds can be extracted, isolated and then slowed down to let you play along and practice various parts of songs.

The software that you install on the PC gives you 19 different amps that you can play around with from the AC30 up to modern high-gain amps.

A full complement of effect processors is also included in the JamVOX Software. From a wide assortment of distortion-type effects, standard effects such as wah and compressor, and more unusual effects such as ring modulator and acoustic simulator, there is a total of 18 pedal-type effect units. There are also 12 modulation-type effects such as chorus, flanger, tremolo, filter, and rotary; 11 delay-type effects including some that model analog circuitry such as tape echoes, multi-head delays, and BBD as well as reverse; 12 reverb effects covering all types; giving you a total of 54 different high-quality effect units including noise reduction. By dragging and dropping them, you can freely connect up to six effects in any desired order: two pedal-type effects, one modulation, one delay, one reverb, and noise reduction. Of course there are also over 100 Guitar programs that include the sounds of famous songs and guitarists and get players started with great tone right out of the box.

For a full list of features check out the product over at ThinkGeek. JamVOX currently costs $249.99.



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