Netbook Friendly USB DVD Player

netbook-usb-dvd-playerLogitec have launched the LDV-P8U2L which is an 8x DVD and 24x CD player that connects to your laptops or netbooks USB port.

It comes in 3 colours of silver, black or red and is powered fully by the USB port on the device it connects to.

From what the translation seems to say, it is indicated that you can actually boot from this USB DVD drive which makes using it on a netbook very handy for the times you need to do an OS reload.

Here is the translation of what the drives feature…

LDV-P8U2L Series Features

* “Portable type” DVD-ROM units.
* 132.8mm (width) — 146mm (depth) — 15mm (height) size of a slim and compact except USB cable.
* “DVD / CD boot” for that support, USB DVD / CD if your PC supports booting from the “boot drive” can be used
* CD and not a laptop drive, HD drive crash or when the built-in PC DVD / CD drive is broken when using this product can make a recovery OS.
* “USB bus power” can work in, USB and the power will be supplied only read from the port. Requires no external AC power adapter and cables connected to a PC.
* System “shell” so easily be used to remove, “8cm disk” support.
* All are commercial DVD / CD discs can be loaded.
* “Mac OS X” has been tested in the environment, USB 2.0 High-Speed with Macintosh port can be used to connect to.
* “Windows 7 RC1” confirmed in the work environment (Windows7 guarantee the operation of the retail version.)
* “DVD-RAM Ver.2.2/2.1/2.0” based on “single-sided 4.7GB / double-sided 9.4GB” of DVD-RAM discs can be loaded.
* “2-layer DVD + R (DVD + R Double Layer) discs,” and “2-layer DVD-R (Dual Layer DVD-R) discs” can be read
* Can connect at high speed through a simple plug the cable “USB 2.0 High-Speed” corresponds to (» 3).
* EU’s RoHS Directive (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances for electrical electronic equipment) compliant products environmentally friendly.

At today’s exchange rate the drives cost around $55.

Logitec (google translation) Via: Akihabara

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