NVIDIA to Launch Tegra based Netbook

nvidia-tegraNVIDIA are launching a netbook that will support the new Tegra chip. The Tegra chip so far has only been used in a Zune HD player, so making a move to a netbook will be an interesting step.

The Tegra chip is basically an all-in-one chip that integrates CPU, GPU, northbridge and southbridge on to the 1 chip as well as primary memory functionality. This integration supports a 720p resolution which provides HD video for the netbook.

The netbook will have an 8.9 inch screen and it is expected that wi-fi, 3G, Windows CE and a webcam will be included. Another alternative that has been hinted at is that it could support Android rather then Windows.

It is expected to sell for just $244 when launched later this year.

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