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Next Gen iPhone Leaks?

Since the launch of iPhone 3.0 beta, the testers have been tearing the OS apart looking for clues on what could be included in the next gen iPhone that is rumoured to be launched in a few months time. The latest beta has provided quite a lot of insight in to what might be included although it could all be nothing and the next gen iPhone might have other tricks up it’s sleeves which nobody saw coming. [Read more…]

DXG-125V HD Camcorder – Under $100!

dxg-125va-snow-camThe DXG-125V is a HD camcorder capable of capturing movies at a resolution of 720p using the H.264 compression algos. What makes this camera astonishing is that when launched it will cost under $100. [Read more…]

HTC Touch Diamond finally at Verizon

htc-touch-diamond-verizonThe HTC Touch Diamond is now on it’s way to Verizon customers. The carrier announced that it will be available to purchase from today costing $299.99 with a 24 month contract (ouch). [Read more…]

Bluetooth 3.0 to be Revealed Soon

Bluetooth Special Interest Group are going to be soon unveiling technical specs on the latest version 3.0. The new version will be quicker then before allowing high speed transfers of data. [Read more…]

Calendar Tape – Roll with it!

This Calendar Tape is ideal for sticking on to anything and acts as your calendar, diary, organiser and planner. [Read more…]

ASUS P Series get Anti-Theft Technology

asus-p30-notebookASUS have announced that they will be using anti-theft technology from Intel on some of their notebook’s. The anti-theft software was designed to prevent documents stored on the laptop from being stolen by giving the user the ability to send the laptop a “poison pill” to remotely lock down the hardware. [Read more…]

Ctrl – Alt – Del Three Pillow Set

These cushions are designed to look like they’ve come right from your keyboard. [Read more…]

Intelliscanner – The Portable Barcode Scanner

The Intelliscanner is a portable barcode scanner that allows you to track all of your belongings at home that contain a barcode. [Read more…]

Photofast PCI SSD Launched

Photofast, a memory maker from Japan, are releasing 3 new PCI based solid state drives (SSD’s) named the G-Monster series. [Read more…]

Acer Aspire One 11.6″ Netbook

acer_aspire_one_11-6Acer have revealed their new Acer Aspire One netbook which has an 11.6 inch screen. The Aspire One 11.6 comes with an Intel Atom processor and uses the Mobile Intel US15W Express Chipset. Acer opted for a HD in this netbook which has a capacity of 160GB. Wi-fi at b/g speeds is included along with Bluetooth. The nice part here is that the netbook is also 3G capable allowing you to access the internet wherever you have a mobile phone signal.

Looks wise it looks quite sleek. It measures just 2.5cm in thickness, comes with a soft-touch keyboard and has Dolby Pro Logic sound in there too. The 11.6 inch display is LED backlit and the netbook runs for an impressive 8 hours on the 5200mAh battery.

Overall an impressive looking netbook which has a slightly larger screen then most competitors. No details on release dates just yet although it should be fairly soon.

Available at

Via: SlashGear

Intel Atom 2GHz Announced

Two new Intel Atom processors have been announced. The new models are named the Z550 and Z515. No details of pricing and availability are known just yet.

[Read more…]

Nintendo DSi Innards Revealed

The guys over at iFixit have decided it’s time to take apart the Nintendo DSi to see what can be found inside the new console. [Read more…]