Next Gen iPhone Leaks?

Since the launch of iPhone 3.0 beta, the testers have been tearing the OS apart looking for clues on what could be included in the next gen iPhone that is rumoured to be launched in a few months time. The latest beta has provided quite a lot of insight in to what might be included although it could all be nothing and the next gen iPhone might have other tricks up it’s sleeves which nobody saw coming.

Information pulled from the iPhone 3.0 OS includes information on a video recorder (long overdue), auto-focus camera, digital compass, tethering, voice control and a “find my iPhone” feature.

The MobileMe button is providing big clues to video recording capabilities. That rumour started off when a big button across the top read “Publish Video”. Some say it’s just a typo??, but this rumour was further reinforced when a secret door was found which opened up a video recording interface that was accessible when a configuration file was slightly modified. Although the testers couldn’t get the application working they did find a toggle switch to move between still and video capture… quite convincing if you as me!

The other really cool find was a file that contained the word Magnetometer which suggests a compass is included in the iPhone. Testers have been unable to find any other secret doors to this section of the phone though, but again, it still could indicate what is to be included in the next gen iPhone.

For more details on what is to be included, check out the full wired article that has all the photos and info you could want for now.

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