DXG-125V HD Camcorder – Under $100!

dxg-125va-snow-camThe DXG-125V is a HD camcorder capable of capturing movies at a resolution of 720p using the H.264 compression algos. What makes this camera astonishing is that when launched it will cost under $100.

The HD camcorder is also waterproof making it perfect for capturing movies in various locations where water is around. It comes in a few colours which are red, military olive and winter camouflage. An attached lanyard will also include a compass. No memory is actually included, so an SD card would be needed to start recording (which I suspect most of you have anyway with your standard digital cameras).

Similar versions of this camera will be made (pictured below) which will be aimed at women. These models will cost $130 and have the appearance of a purse.

For the more dainty videographer – and DXG says that 75 percent of cheap camcorders are women – DXG will have $130 models that look like clutch purses. In the Luxe Collection, due in August, are the yellow/brown/white plaid Soho, which also has touches of leather, and three pseudo-quilted Riviera models in pink, black and pink, all highlighted with inlaid “bling.” They’ll come in a kit with a matching clutch purse-like case – even the box will match the camcorder design.

These more expensive models have a 3 inch screen that opens up to the side and the cameras also record in 720p HD.

The DXG-125V will be available in July while the other models will follow a month later in August.

Via: Dvice and TechFresh



  1. I imagine a lot of snowboarders especially, and other extreme sportists will use this camera as it’s waterproof and looks pretty rugged. Cool camera and a good price! Just hope it’s as good as they say.

  2. Pink Lanyard says

    Excellent! Great article, I already saved it to my favourite,

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