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MID Concept Device Challenges Netbooks

If Netbooks are not your thing due to them not being small enough for a pocket and a little awkward to work with then maybe this MID (Mobile Internet Device) could be the thing for you. [Read more…]

Palm EOS – A Mini Palm Pre?

palm_eosInformation was found yesterday indicating that a new Palm mobile device will be coming out shortly after the Palm Pre. The name of it is the Palm EOS. [Read more…]

Wiimote Induction Charger from Energizer

energizer-induction-charge-station-wiiEnergizer have created a new charger for the Nintendo Wii. Normally you need to connect the Wiimote up to the charging station. This charger is different though. [Read more…]

PeeWee Tablet PC built for Kids

The PeeWee Tablet PC is built for children that are aged between 3 and 10 years old. It’s built more ruggedly then your average Tablet as it needs to be able to withstand abuse from kids in the way of being dropped or getting liquids spilled on to it. [Read more…]

Mac Tablet to hold Electronic Medical Records?

mac_tabletWe have seen rumours floating around about the Mac Tablet before at Gadget Venue. However, nobody really mentions the usage it would get if made available except for the obvious web browsing, music and video type applications. What else could the tablet be used for? Software Advice think it will fit perfect in to the medical industry and allow Dr’s to grab records with it while with a patient. [Read more…]

Acer working on Several Android Devices

Acer have confirmed that they are working on a number of devices that will use the Android operating system by Google. The main emphasis for Acer is getting Android on to a smartphone device. [Read more…]

Facebook Gets Pirate Language Option

facebook-logoIt’s true… you can now set your Facebook account to a new language. The new language is called English (Pirate). The Facebook Pirate language changes all the wording around the site so that rather then logging off… you abandon ship!. [Read more…]

Scrolling LED Name Badge V2

This name badge features a scrolling LED message that can be fully customised. [Read more…]

USB Flashdrive gets built in OLED Display

ennova-usb-flashdrive-oledA new flashdrive has just been introduced that features an OLED display built in. [Read more…]

Wiimote Soap

The Wiimote Soap has now arrived. The soap includes coloured decal raised buttons and is scented with coconut lime verbena. [Read more…]

Touchscreens with Popup Buttons

Touchscreens have advanced a lot over the last few years. As technology has advanced they seem to be more easier to use and a lot more responsive. Mix this with faster processors and faster operating systems you then get an even smoother scrolling and functioning system. However, they are still not quite where they need to be. For example, sending a text message on a mobile phone with only a touchscreen can be quite a pain. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have now developed a screen that can slightly change shape to form buttons across the screen when needed. [Read more…]

Kenwood OLED Speakers

Kenwood, more known for being in the speaker industry have created a new speaker that has an OLED screen built in. [Read more…]