Archives for April 2009

128GB SSD on a Dell Mini 9

The Dell Mini 9 is a fantastic netbook due to it’s decent size and built in 3G capabilities. However, one user was not too satisfied with the smaller SSD that came standard in his netbook. Instead, he decided it would be worthwhile to upgrade it to a rather large 128GB version instead. [Read more…]

Sky+ Users get iPhone Remote Recording App

Sky have launched a free app for iPhone which allows you to set your Sky+ or Sky+HD box in to recording mode from a remote location. [Read more…]

New iPhone gets 802.11n?

Since the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta software was launched a few weeks back, it has given plenty of time for people to take it apart and look what’s in the code. Some interesting things about wi-fi connectivity were found which indicates a faster wi-fi connection. [Read more…]

Banclock – Pay your Alarm clock to Shut Up

It’s been a while since we mentioned a funky alarm clock, so today we reveal the Banclock. Banclock is an alarm clock in which you have to pay to get it to switch off in the morning. [Read more…]

Commodore C64 Laptop – By Ben Heck

The Commodore C64 Laptop has been created. The laptop is a fully functioning C64 that was around in the 80’s. It has been embedded in to a laptop sized case and had a 15″ screen added too. [Read more…]

Open GPS Tracker built from Cell Phone

The Open GPS Tracker allows you to attach an old mobile phone to it’s board. By doing this you create a GPS tracking device. [Read more…]

Lego Nintendo DSI Created

Sean Kenney, an artist, has created a cool looking Nintendo DSI… out of Lego. [Read more…]

Lego PS1 – Fully working Console

Although not breaking news as it is a few months old now, it could fall in to the breakable news category as this Sony PS1 is made of Lego. [Read more…]

ViewSonic Short Throw DLP Projector

ViewSonic are launching a new DLP projector named the PJD5351. The projector weighs just 5.5 pounds and looks to be a fantastic device. [Read more…]

Amazing Lego Space Shuttle

65k-lego-space-shuttleThis Lego space shuttle is made from a massive 65000 bricks. It took 1590 hours to build. [Read more…]

Ultra-Thin Speakers

Some Ultra-thin speakers are being developed in the UK that will allow you to pretty much stick them to the wall. The speakers are both flat and flexible and originally were designed using tin foil and baking paper. [Read more…]

Ever Win EWP1000 Projector

The Ever Win EWP1000 is a pico sized projector that is about to be released. With it being classed as a Pico projector, this means it can fit in the palm of your hand. [Read more…]