Intelliscanner – The Portable Barcode Scanner

The Intelliscanner is a portable barcode scanner that allows you to track all of your belongings at home that contain a barcode.

The device allows you to scan up to 250 items before downloading the data to your PC. Once downloaded you scan the next 250 items until everything in your home is stored on your computer. The idea behind the Intelliscanner is that it allows you to keep an inventory of all your belongings. Software provided with the scanner helps you keep track of what DVD’s you own as well as CD’s, books, toys and anything else.

If you need to lend one of your items out to someone, you simply scan it with the Intelliscanner and the system can be told who borrowed it and when so you can always bring it back.

If you use the grocery manager software you can also keep a record of what is in your cupboards and what needs replacing and when. The scanner then connects to your PC and allows you to create a list of items you are out of or running low on.

Intelliscanner Features

* Battery powered, so you can scan anywhere
* Included neck lanyard with detachable clip
* Integrated scan and delete buttons (add and remove scanned barcodes anywhere)
* Built-in memory chip stores scans until you plug it in
* Integrated Class 2 laser scanning engine
* Rechargeable internal battery
* USB interface to download barcode information
* RoHS compliant

Available from ThinkGeek costing $249.99.

Via: Walyou


  1. Chris - LG Blog UK says

    Great idea, but why a dedicated device? Surely an ideal app for a mobile handset if ever I saw one.

  2. Hamid Shahid says

    What format is the data stored in? For wired barcode scanners, the data is just dumped in ASCII format on the USB port, where it can be collected in any application such as notepad etc. That is what i’m currently using for my requirements. I save the text received from the bar codes and upload those values into my system to track everything.

    If the data from this scanner is available in an ASCII format, it would be perfect for my use. Can anyone provide me with some feedback on whether the data is stored in ASCII for the Intelliscanner?

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