Laptop Security

lenovo_thinkpadHaving your laptop stolen can be a serious pain due to the amounts of personal data that you keep on there, a lot of the time not even backed up (guilty of that here). For me I am more worried about personal details such as bank information and emails being stolen. For these types of reason, Lenovo have created a new security feature which allows you to remotely disable your laptop if stolen.

It works by you sending a standard SMS (text message) to the laptop and once the laptop receives the message it proceeds to lock it’s self down and even sends a confirmation message back to you. If you send the message while the laptop is switched off then the software will sort it all out once the laptop is powered on and will proceed to lock down the moment it is started up.

The idea is fantastic and I like Ubergizmo’s suggestion of activating a built in GPS device to hand out co-ordinates of it’s exact location. Heck, why not have it send an MMS and use a built in webcam to send a message containing co-ordinates and a picture of the thief 🙂

The system is called Lenovo Constant Secure Remote Disable and is a joint effort with Phoenix Technologies.

Via: UberGizmo

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